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Ice Diving


Each year during February,March and April

  • Majestic beauty of Northern Russia
  • Ice arch of the sea, ice-hummocks, and cavities
  • Fantastic visibility: 15–50m
  • Wide variety of fish species
  • Soft corals under the frozen surface of the sea                    Click here:


Underwater experience

  • Fantastic ice-hummocks, cavities and rifts
  • Clear underwater visibility of 15–50m
  • Amazing soft corals under the frozen sea surface
  • Scenic vertical rocks overgrown by sea anemones (Actinia sp), sponges
    and hydroids              Click here:

    Diving Sites of the White Sea
                                     Click here:

Diving schedule and organization

  • Diving is performed with safety ropes according to PADI standards using experienced instructors and dive guides, and includes:
  • Two dives per day
  • Diver transport to diving sites by snowmobile.
  • A mobile diving camp is set up on diving sites                 Click here:                                 




Pre-requisites for participants

Ice Diving programme participants must:

  1. Hold an Ice Diver Certificate from one of the international underwater federation or have made five registered ice dives.
  2. Demonstrate capability in the primary skills required by under ice diving:
                                      Click here: 

Equipment and outfit recommendations

  • Dry suit (neoprene dry suites are highly recommended)
  • Warm dry undergarments (we recommend you have two sets)
  • Two unfreezing regulators – regulators must have been serviced just prior to the trip
  • Mask, fins and tube                                    Click here:            


Diving conditions

  • Two dives per day are offered
  • The average length of one dive is 30–40 minutes
  • Maximum allowed depth is 30m.
  • Water visibility: 15–50m
  • Thickness of ice: up to 1.5m
  • Water temperature: -1°C to -2°C
                            Click here:

   Price for Ice Diving Programmes
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