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About Us

The Arctic Circle PADI Dive Centre is the leading provider of marine ice-diving excursions in Europe, located on the White Sea in Northern Russia, and is a part of the RuDIVE group (the largest diving organization in Russia).

The Arctic Circle Dive Centre has a team of professional instructors with many years’ experience of diving in severe Northern conditions, to arrange a safe and qualified diving experience.

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The Arctic Circle Dive Centre offers a well-established base with comfortable accommodation, a mobile ice camp with warm wooden huts, a large stock of equipment and accessories, exquisite food, traditional Russian beverages and the Russian Banya experience, to provide an unforgettable vacation package.
 Clear water, vast natural beauty, and an exquisite underwater environment populated by soft coral fields, kelp forests and mussel farms, lure divers and nature lovers from around the world to experience the best diving and natural scenery Russia has to offer.  

The Arctic Circle Dive Centre provides:

  • Ice diving -  Commence from February till middle of April;
  • Summer diving programs - Begin in the middle of May and finish at the end of September;
  • Diving with Beluga Whales  - Diving and snorkeling with Beluga Whales all year around;
  • Diving with seals - Looking for Seals programmes run at the begining of May;
  • Diving safaris - Guided by experienced instructors;
  • Tailor maid diving trips which can be booked on a weekly or daily basis.

Why with us?

Safety has been a priority since the very first days of the Arctic Circle Dive Centre. The severe northern environment with low temperatures and ice cover demands the utmost attention to maintaining safety standards and equipment. There has not been a single accident in the history of the center.

We are committed to a policy of respect for nature and causing the minimum effect on the environment. The Russian North is one of the few remaining places on the planet that has not suffered from the impact of modern industrial society. We take great care of the nature here and strive to keep it intact for future generations of divers and researchers to enjoy.


The Arctic Circle Dive Center is part of the group of companies RuDIVE,  -  the largest Russian organization in the diving industry. The RuDIVE was founded back in 1996 by sea biologists and diving enthusiasts from the Moscow State University (MSU) Diving Club at Lomonosov. The RuDIVE built its business on the academic traditions of Russia’s oldest university and maintains close ties with the scientific circles in Russia and all over the world. 

The Arctic Circle Dive Center serves as a base for unique MSU research and study programmes, in which our clients also take a part. Most of our trainers and tour guides have a university degree in biology and huge diving experience in the Northern seas (including the first ever submersion in the geographic North Pole).
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