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Beluga Whales

Please be advised that we temporarily don't conduct excursions and diving with Beluga Whales during 2017 and 2018 winter/summer season.


This joint project between the Utrish Dolphinarium and the Arctic Circle Dive Centre, involving keeping and training belugas in the coastal waters of the White Sea, was launched in 2007.
Its main aim is to create an open-air dolphinarium in a natural environment. Some belugas (‘polar dolphins’) have been chosen to start the project off.





Everyday, in winter and summer, our beluga trainer holds three training sessions. The trainer not only looks after and feeds the animals, but also has to be their companion and talk to them and swim with them.
Tame animals need human contact, praise and approval. A small group of tourists can stand on the edge of the pen next to the whales. Watching these polar dolphins live, in their native element and not torn away from their habitat, is a joyful and heart-warming experience. Both the audience and the performers enjoy the short show given by the trained animals. Prices for excursions to see Beluga Whales.



For those wanting a closer look at these animals in their natural environment, we offer the opportunity to go swimming with the belugas with a mask and tube. During this swim, you can play with a beluga, go for a ride on it, carefully holding onto its dorsal fin, and watch the animal underwater. Snorkelling is available to everyone, even children. Before the snorkelling, the instructor gives a talk on the belugas, and briefs the divers. Prices for Snorkelling with Beluga Whales.



Experienced divers and underwater photographers may be interested in the opportunity to go diving in the beluga pen. On such dives you must be particularly careful not to damage the belugas’ tender skin with your fins or other gear. Prices for Diving with Beluga Whales.