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Weather at Arctic Circle
Temperature 19
Humidity 48 %
Pressure 767 mm
Wind 5 m/s
Clouds 0 %

Each year during February,March and April

 Each year in February, March and April

  • Majestic beauty of Northern Russia
  • Ice arch of the sea, ice-hummocks, and cavities
  • Fantastic visibility: 15–50m
  • Soft corals under the frozen surface of the sea
  • Wide variety of fish species
  • Starfishes, sea-urchins, crabs, sea anemones, shrimps
  • Underwater rocks and rifts, rift inhabitants and even wrecks

The well-equipped Arctic Circle Dive Center puts at your service

  • Experienced instructors and dive-guides
  • Comfortable accommodation in our dive center guest houses
  • Genuine Russian steam bath (banya)
  • Friendly atmosphere

In addition to diving you may take the opportunity to