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Children's Biology Programme on the White Sea (12-19 July 2008) (12.07.2008-19.07.2008)

From 12-7 July, a Children's Biology Programme, led by Irina Kvasova, took place at the Arctic Circle Dive Centre on the White Sea. Like the previous programme, this took the form of a children's camp. Of course, the morning exercises were their favourite activity. 13 children of different ages, with and without their parents, took part. As at any children's camp, we sat around a fire in the evening with a guitar, singing songs. We played a lot of football and other sports. The children collected biological material and engaged in microscopy and biology. They gave superb presentations. We were very lucky with the weather. The children went on successful trips to a quarry, a Moscow State University biology station, Kasyan Island, Olenevsky Island, and Biofiltry Bay. They spent time with beluga whales and reindeer, took part in team-building exercises and competitions, and played challenge-based games where they practically turned the dive centre upside down in their search for clues. At the end of the Programme, the children received commemorative certificates and presents. We would like to thank the participants for their dedication and genuine interest, as well as our camp leader, Aleksei Pobozhakov, and biologist, Andrei Kolotvin, for their work and organisational help. The White Sea is a magical place: go once, and you'll have to go back! We'll be pleased to see you next year!