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Children’s Biology Programmes (20.07.2008-02.08.2008)

From 20-26 July and 27 July - 2 August, the Arctic Circle Dive Centre on the White Sea hosted Children’s Biology Programmes, led by Dmitry Zhadan. Entertaining biology lessons alternated with hikes to the coast and the quarry, excursions to visit beluga whales and reindeer, walks in the forest, and various sporting activities.
The first group of children attended the celebration of Neptune Day at the Moscow State University Biology Station. This event left them with vivid memories and amusing photographs. The second group had a lecture on the Norwegian polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen from hydrologist A. N. Pantyulin, a professor at Moscow State University, to remember.
Throughout the educational programme, the children collected biological material, heard lectures on White Sea biology, and prepared their own presentations. At the end of the programmes the children received commemorative certificates.
See you next year!