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The White Sea Ice Diving Season is Underway (06.02.2009-10.02.2009)

The White Sea ice diving season has begun, with a diving club weekend trip to the Arctic Circle Dive Centre. As always, the Russian North gave us vivid impressions and good feelings, delighting us with its fairy-tale beauty, peacefulness and closeness to nature. Despite the surprises of the weather (the low temperature and severe blizzards), the ice diving programme was carried out successfully. We congratulate Professor  Izmail Aliev, a popular figure in the close-knit diving community, on achieving a PADI Ice Diver qualification on the trip. Every day featured a culture programme after the diving; the events included an excursion to a canyon, meeting belugas, a Russian banya, and, of course socialising among excellent and warm company.
Throughout the packed diving programme, a ‘polar’ spa centre was available for those not ice diving, and in the evening there was a Divers’ Bar. There is ice on the White Sea, and plenty of it, and the hummocks and ‘canopies’ in Biofiltry Bay are also ready, so all ice diving lovers can come to the Arctic for new impressions and familiar pleasures.